'Continuum' Season 2 finale: Revelation, betrayal and plastic cages in 'Second Time'

Are you not confused?The "Continuum" Season 2 finale is a perplexing thing. That's probably because, much like time travel, "Second Time" is rather complicated. Allegiances shift, revelations only add to confusion ...And then most of the characters end the episode trapped in plastic boxes. Here, at least, are some important things to know about how the second season of "Continuum" comes to a conclusion.Alec has a "Star Wars" moment"I'm your father!"The fact that Alec does not at any point scream "Noooooooo!!!" when Escher says he's his dad, is amazing. There has never been more of a "Star Wars" moment in television ever.Of course, on "Continuum," the Luke Skywalker character (Alec) acts all cool about joining forces with Escher's Dark Side. It's an act, but it is far more complicated a character choice than "Star Wars" ever dreamed."But wait!" you exclaim. "I thought Jason was Alec's time-traveling father!"Nope.As Alec himself points out, Jason shares DNA...



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