'Breaking Bad' episode 512 - 'Rabid Dog': Jesse barks, will Walt bite?

The end of Sunday's (Sept. 1) "Breaking Bad" marks the halfway point in the final eight episodes, and it also marks the first time in this batch that it's been possible to take a breath. "Rabid Dog" didn't deliver the non-stop tension and big swerves of the previous three episodes, so it may go down as a lesser episode in the post-game analysis. It was a necessary one, however, positioning its characters for the final run and showing a possibly tightening noose around Walt's neck -- provided whatever Jesse's "better way" is doesn't go completely sideways.So where does everyone stand with four episodes to go?Jesse and Hank: The two men who most want to see Walt go down are in an enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend sort of situation now. We learn it's Hank who stops Jesse from setting fire to Walt's house, then takes him into his own home so Jesse's name isn't anywhere in an official file...



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