Breaking Bad Writer Sam Catlin on Walt's Achilles' Heel and the Importance of Tighty-Whities

Not to ruin your Labor Day weekend, Breaking Bad fans, but we’re half-way through the final eight episodes. Sad but true. And stressful! Read no further if you haven’t watched Sunday’s episode, “Rabid Dog,” because things went down. Like, down down. Jesse’s on the warpath, having realized that Walt poisoned Brock, and both Saul and Skyler (Skyler!) think he needs be taken down Old Yeller-style. Would Walt really kill Jesse? Hank made the convincing case that, murder and child poisoning aside, Walt legitimately cares for the kid. But now that he’s declared himself a threat? Again, stressful! Vulture caught up with Sam Catlin, who wrote and directed the episode, to get his take on Walt’s evolving attitude toward Jesse and how bad things have gotten for Skyler.  Read More...


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