James Franco Roast: The best jokes from Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman and more

Comedy Central's roast James Francowas one for the ages, with the dais of his peers not holding back. Well, no one except Andy Samberg who mostly roasted himself and complimented everyone else, including God. Most of the jokes aimed at Franco questioned his sexuality. Jonah Hill was another constant target of the roasters, who repeatedly pointed out his fluctuating weight, based on whatever movie he's making at the moment.The dais seemed more like a big group of friends than roasts in the past, which makes sense as several of those involved have shown up in various Judd Apatow productions. There was also that mean-spirited edge missing, which usually comes from Anthony Jeselnik these days.Take a look below at our favorite jokes from the night. As is normally the case with these roasts, the language can be pretty harsh, so consider yourself warned.Seth Rogen: This dais is literally Hitler's wet dream. It's got Jews, gays and whatever...



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