Gossip Girl was back this week. Hooray!

What happened in a nutshell:

Dan gets lucky. Chuck gets lucky (and becomes quite the entrepreneur). Nate's life sucks.

What worked:

-"You want your dad to invest in a strip joint? How mid-town!" - Blair

I don't know my New York geography, but that sounded like a pretty good put down.

-"Spotted. Serena and not-so-lonely-boy clearly past courtship in the courtyard." - That Gossip Girl is so clever with her words...

-"What's with the business formal? Are you being arraigned for something?" - Chuck's father to Chuck

Seriously. There were so many funny lines last night!

-Blair saying that something wasn't "High School Musical scandalous" (nude photos, anyone) was classic. I think that this phrase should be entered into our lexicon.

-Nate did a really good job stalking his father. I was thoroughly impressed! And more on Nate, never have I felt so much sympathy for the rich kid before. Both of his parents are just awful. Also, I thought it was just the sweetest gesture when Nate had his father arrested and then paid off the doorman.

-Chuck and Blair make the perfect deliciously evil little couple. I enjoyed their scandalous limo hookup so much that I'm even willing to overlook that they made the video all grainy for some stylistic reason that I fail to understand.

What sucked:

-If in the opening sequence they flash the "Serena getting off at Grand Central" or "I didn't come back for you" clips one more time, I might have to hurt someone. It's the 7th episode. Stop using footage from the pilot in the opening recap!

-This is still reflecting on events from last episode, but how did Nate mistake Jenny as Serena? Yes, they were both wearing yellow dresses, but Jenny is like 5 inches shorter and 3 sizes smaller than Serena.

-Why does Blair always wear a giant bow headband? Is she channeling her inner 5 year old or what?

-Have you noticed how every mother on this show (except Blair's) is a Kirsten Cohen clone?

-"He offered me a pick me up. It was stupid. I didn't even like it." - Nate's father on why he did the drugs. That's the explanation of a 15 year old if I ever heard one. How is this guy rich? Oh wait. He has money troubles.

-The dream scene with Dan critiquing Serena and Nate's hookup was kind of creepy...and unnecessary.

-Why was the burlesque club full of high schoolers? Also, why was Blair a natural at burlesque dancing this episode but the most awkward model ever about 2 episodes earlier?

-Didn't Dan and Serena start dating about 5 minutes ago? Sorry Serena, but it's no wonder everyone thinks you're a slut... (was that harsh?)

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