Seventeen Candles

Last night on Gossip Girl:

Love Triangle A: Serena-Dan-Vanessa

Love Triangle B: Chuck-Blair-Nate (except Nate is kind of indifferent about Blair and life in general)

Social climber/opportunist of the night award goes to: Jenny Humphrey

Maybe he really did kill himself because this is the 2nd episode he hasn't appeared in: Eric van der Woodsen (and did you all hear about the adorableness that is this)

What I liked:

-It seems that the powers that be at Gossip Girl listened to me and stopped using pilot scenes in the recap. I take full credit for this!

-Wow. I had completely forgotten that Blair and Nate had still not had sex. That makes the Blair/Chuck hookup all the more delicious...

-Did you catch Blair's Da Vinci Code reference when confessing to the priest ("putting that thing with the teeth around my thigh like Silas")?

-Blair wisdom of the evening: "When you get a boyfriend you become the best friend and the best friend becomes the second best friend. That's just the way it works." - These are true words, Blair...if the best friend is a member of the opposite gender that is questionably hotter than you!

-The Blair/Nate modern day arranged marriage by the parents bit was seriously starting to creep me out. Hooray that Nate stood up for himself (though I fear that will last for about 5 minutes).

-"You went down almost as hard as Britney at the VMAs." (poor Britney will never live that one down)

-I think Chuck Bass is the best and overall most complex character on Gossip Girl. I enjoyed how one minute he tells Nate in a Brokeback kind of a way that Nate is one of the 3 things he cares about and then 2 minutes later he's selling him out to Blair.


-Wait, Nate's mother could afford the bail? I thought last week she couldn't (because, um, Nate's father has squandered all of their money...).

-Everytime Serena calls Blair 'B' I cringe. It didn't work in 90210 either (remember 'B' and 'D'?).

-I've decided that Nate's Mom looks like a Stepford Wife. Her eyes always look wide open and she kind of speaks like a robot (or maybe she's just on drugs too)

-Poor Dan thinks his father is madly in love with his mother. Sorry, Dan. Your father is actually in love with your girlfriend's mother.

-The first episode Jenny Humphrey was so sweet and innocent and likable. Now, every episode I am liking her less. What a little climber! She sells out Nate to Blair and then this episode forges a friendship/possible love connection with him (and no, the earlier kiss at the ball doesn't count).

-I don't know if I actually believe that Chuck likes/loves Blair. I wanted to vomit during the "butterflies in my stomach" interaction (beyond cheesy).

-Convenient how Blair was wearing no necklace so her neck would be barren and waiting for the fancy one (that turned out to be from Chuck)...

-No new Gossip Girl until November 28th. Sigh.

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