The Post-Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Spectacular

This week on Gossip Girl:

Non convincing "last year" flashbacks. The scarily similar blond mommies meet. Bulimic Blair binge-eats a pie. Rosewood debacle and eureka moment by Humphrey children that Daddy once did Serena's mom. The van der Woodsens bond. The Humphreys bond. Even Blair and her witch of a mother bond. Smiles all around.


-Does Chuck Bass not observe Thanksgiving?

-I'm very concerned that Serena was wearing a leopard print coat and dark nail polish during the "last year" flashbacks. I thought animal prints and dark nail polish were "this year"?!

-Speaking of the flashbacks, at least they gave Serena hair extensions and Jenny pigtails. They didn't even bother with Dan. I swear, he was even wearing the same clothing as in the present during his flashback (or perhaps that's because the Humphreys are "poor").

-Blair's best quote of the evening: "Well it wasn't because I like his natural musk" - on why she slept with Chuck

-Glad that though they resolved things yet again, there was some brief Blair/Serena cattiness. Those moments are kind of fun.

-Eric returns from his hole. They clearly did something to his hair, but it somehow manages to be worse. I'm glad Jenny finally made a comment about the roots though.

-"There's nothing wrong with having Chinese food on Thanksgiving. Jews have been doing it on Christmas since forever!" - astute observation, Ms. van der Woodsen

-Dan and Jenny's mom is kind of funny looking (not to mention about 28), no?

-I enjoyed everyone's "revelation face" and the subsequent awkward silences when they learned via the Rosewood horse/perfume debacle that Dan and Jenny's daddy had sex with Serena's mommy.

-So they tried to humanize Blair's evil mommy. Touching.

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