Hi, Society: Josh Schwartz Loves a Good Cotillion

Last night on Gossip Girl:

Granny is an evil witch. Lily van der Woodsen becomes awesome. Jenny's mother demonstrates motherly abilities as well. Blair and Nate finally do the nasty. Chuck Bass gets jealous. Did Vanessa die?

Some thoughts:

-This episode of Gossip Girl was kind of misrepresented in all of the previews. For no apparent reason, they were making it look all musical-ish, bordering on Moulin-Rougelike. It wasn't (though I actually thought that would have been too weird, so perhaps it was for the better).

-Seriously, where was Vanessa this week? Also, Eric was gone once more. Perhaps he returned to his hair colorist.

-I'm getting sick of Jenny's angel/devil gig. One week she's baking cookies with her mother and the next week she's unnecessarily bitching her out for buying her - gasp - vintage shoes. However, I did love when Jenny was caught red handed shopping with Serena's mom - aka a hotter, richer clone of Jenny's mom.

-Carter looked much better all cleaned up, didn't he?

-Best line of the evening goes to the grandmother: "I don't like my ice to get lonely, dear."

-I enjoyed witchy grandmother's speech about why Dan was too low class for Serena. I thought it was particularly well written ("You will always use your dessert fork for your entree...").

-If I learned anything from The O.C., it's that girls wear white dresses to Cotillion. So what was up, Serena? Oh right, you're a rebel. But why was Blair's dress bordering on gray (and she also continued to demonstrate her bow fetish with a tumorish looking one on the shoulder)?

-Speaking of The O.C., Jimmy Cooper Carter gets punched at Cotillion. Also, as a whole, this episode could not hold a candle to the Cotillion episode of the O.C.!

-I may have teared up just a little when Lily decided that Dan was good for Serena (and laughed when she not-so-subtly pointed out that she had found someone much like Dan in her youth...i.e. Dan's father)

-Jenny's mother finally did something useful tonight, scolding Jenny for becoming rather unlikable.

-Did Dan really have to carry Serena out the door at the end? You kids aren't getting married yet...

-Much like I am sick of Jenny's flip-flopping personality, I am getting sick of the one week Blair and Nate are together/the next week Blair and Nate are apart storyline. Is this how it is in the books? Furthermore, now that B and S are generally nicey nice with one another, the show is in desperate need of a more exciting larger scale plot line.

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