The Devil Is A Part-Timer! Episode #01 Anime Review

Two weeks ago I finished reviewing a FUNimation simulcast that I had high hopes for but was disappointed with, Robotics;Notes. My hopes came from the fact that its source material had the same creators as that of Steins;Gate, one of the best anime, certainly in recent years. The only thing it didn’t have in common was on the anime side. Now I return to FUNimation’s less-than-ideal video player to review another one-day-late “simulcast” on Fridays. This one is the exact opposite: it has nothing in common with Steins;Gate in any way except the anime side, both being adapted by the studio White Fox. It would be silly to think that this minor similarity could indicate any level of greatness when Robotics;Notes had far more similarities in the source material, which is much more important, and it still didn’t turn out very good. Still, this is what drew me to this title more than most, and from the first episode, it looks like the consistently high-quality White Fox has picked out a good source to adapt their new anime from, because, while there’s no similarity in the subject matter to that of Robotics;Notes, I already like it more.



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