The Devil Is A Part-Timer! Episode #03 Anime Review

One of the things that has kept this series fresh and entertaining for its two episodes prior to this was that there was always something new being added in. Obviously everything was new in the first episode, and the most surprising part was how original it felt despite a seemingly generic premise. Then the second episode brought the all-important addition of Emi, which alone promised to keep things fun throughout the entire series thanks to the dynamic she adds to the existing cast. There was also a real enemy and serious plot hinted to, and this episode follows up on that relatively quickly, even leaving us on a pretty serious note to wonder where things will head from here. The real highlight of the episode, though, is probably how it brings together the four leads that haven’t all interacted like this before. It’s really only the very beginning of this and gets interrupted by that serious business, but it’s clear that most of the rest of the series will have plenty of these four all together, which has some really great potential.



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