The Devil Is A Part-Timer! Episode #06 Anime Review

Now that the first arc of this series has reached its climax and wrapped up, it gives us something a little different, or perhaps a little more familiar. This episode starts off with some foreshadowing for its latter half, obviously setting up an eventual final arc to deal with in likely a similar fashion, but for the most part, it takes this opportunity to settle back into the comfort zone it was in for the first several episodes, sticking almost exclusively to comedy despite the dire issues looming about. To start this off, we see that, not very surprisingly, Lucifer has moved in with Maou and Ashiya, now going by the name Urushihara, and despite being spared by those he attacked and was defeated by, has become quite satisfied with being a spoiled little brat who does whatever he wants and expects them to cater to his every whim. While every other character was very entertaining because of the contrast between their Ente Isla backgrounds and their roles in modern Japanese society, Lucifer felt too much like a one-note villain, so it’s great to see that he has this other side to him just as much as everyone else. He makes for a fitting child for the working father and housewife that Maou and Ashiya have clearly become, and while they attempt to discipline him at times, he mostly gets his way.



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