The Devil Is A Part-Timer! Episode #09 Anime Review

Honestly, there’s not much to say about these two episodes, even combined. They’re mostly just the same stuff we’ve been getting from the previous eight episodes of the series, ending with a hint that the coming episodes will have something a little different for us. And that’s great. The plot rears its head for maybe one out of every few episodes in any significant capacity, and it’s all just the same silly sitcom business otherwise, but it continues to be so perfectly executed in every way, especially impressive in just how hilarious it always is, that nothing seems overdone yet. It’s the same format for the most part, sure, but every moment offers something a little different to keep it fun and fresh. It’s all so subtle and seemingly unimportant, especially in the face of any sort of plot, but the overall experience that this achieves is easy to appreciate after you finish a couple of episodes and realize how much fun it was.



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