The Devil Is A Part-Timer! Episode #10 Anime Review

Plot irrelevance aside, there is the occasional gag that doesn’t hit quite right. The joke of Chiho’s… endowments may be hit-or-miss, depending on one’s opinion of such humor. I generally think it’s not the most hilarious, and this doesn’t do much to change my opinion for this instance. The use of the burgers as symbols is similar to a lot of clever connections the show makes use of to add a little extra flavor to much of its humor, but it still didn’t quite work for me. Bathroom humor is also pretty dumb, and while the episode doesn’t go too far into it, with Ashiya simply being sick from overeating, it repeats itself past the point of getting funnier and falls a little flat as a result. Although it’s not entirely for comedy, the scene of Chiho following her “burger” display, in which she shows them off to Maou for his opinion, he acts completely clueless about her feelings, which contradicts with his previous statement that he’d take them seriously from now on. Of course, this is all going on in a busy line that he’s trying to get through as quickly as possible, so it’s really not the time. In fact, I would’ve almost expected this show to step up with some gag about the people in line telling them to have their lover’s squabble some other time and take their orders already, but instead they remain lifeless statues while this all goes down, and that’s a little disappointing.



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