Sarah Connor: Round 2

In a nutshell:

The gang needs new identities. Sarah learns about 9/11. John wanders.

(not much else happens)

Some thoughts:

-What is everyone's opinion about all of Sarah's narration? I personally think it's a little bit overdone and could do with less of it. I also feel like it just isn't contributing much; in fact, if you bother to listen to it it sometimes barely makes sense. For example, at the beginning of this episode Sarah says, "Maybe if you spend your life hiding who you are you finally end up fooling yourself", but I think this episode illustrated anything but that.

-So I think the show was trying to help fill in some continuity gaps for people that have actually seen the movies and were complaining that Sarah should be dead by 2007 (Cameron points out that she died of cancer in 2005). I guess if you jump to a date past your death that it cancels out the fact that it ever happened??? Hmmm. Not convinced.

-I was confused with much of Sarah's interaction with El Finito. He kept saying he wasn't surprised. Not surprised by what? That they're all alive. That they don't look any older? Furthermore, why did he ask whether John was all grown up now and Sarah responded yes? Isn't the point that it's 8 years later and he's still the same?

-Thus far, John is not really demonstrating the behavior befitting of a future messiah. Except for the fact that he's somewhat of a computer nerd, he actually seems kind of dumb. Why did he think it was smart to surf the web on a BIG FAT display screen at the Apple Store (where everyone could easily see the article with his picture declaring that he disappeared/died 8 years ago)? Furthermore, he seems kind of...hyper-sensitive. He whines about everything and what was with the hissy fit when he encountered his mother's former flame?

-Definitely the funniest moment of the episode was Cameron imitating the gangster groupie girl leaning against the car. She's doing a really good job playing the robot straddling humanity role!

-"9/11 what's that?": I guess it makes sense that if the show was going to address the one defining thing that had occurred over the time jump that it would be 9/11. However, I couldn't help but chuckle about who explained it to her and that it was done so in the context of increasing fake ID prices.

-Is Sarah's former boyfriend/fiance strung out on drugs? If my ex-fiance's son who had been missing and presumed dead for 8 years (and looking exactly the same) showed up in my apartment, I'd probably have a few more questions than, "Is that really you? I saw you on TV."

-Did I miss something? When Sarah and John were trying to break into that safe, first Sarah said, "What could the numbers be?" and then John said "Fingerprints" and maybe a few other things. Then he magically knew the combination. Even if he could see the fingerprints without some kind of a device, I don't get how he knew the proper numerical sequence on the first try...

-Is it kind of weird that in the first episode Cameron was going to school with John and then in this one she was hanging out with Sarah and they acted pretty much as equals while John stayed under house arrest? I know Cameron's a robot, but I still feel like robots have ages. If she's supposed to be more John's age (which was my impression from the pilot), it seems weird that today she acted as Sarah's sidekick/confidant.

-Overall, I thought this episode wasn't quite as strong as the first. Not all that much happened, and if anything I think they created a lot more holes and questions. That being said, I still think the show demonstrates a lot of promise!

-Review by Rachel on Get Reel


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