Sarah Connor: School, Cell Phones and Chess

This week on the Sarah Connor Chronicles:

John goes back to school and borrows a pencil from a reasonably hot blond. Cameron acts awkward. Sarah encounters cute cell phone salesman Andy who has also has an almost-CS-degree from CalTech enabling him to build a chess playing computer that might be evil in the future.

Some thoughts:

-When John told Cameron to not act like a freak at school and then asked her if she knew what that meant, Cameron listed a bunch of synonyms for 'freak' (weirdo, kook, oddball, crackpot, etc.) and asserted that she'd been reading the dictionary. A) Most of those words were slang and I highly doubt would be found in a dictionary and B) Being the technologically advanced robot-chick that she is, wouldn't Cameron already have or be able to instantaneously download all of that language info??

-Making Cameron and John siblings at school is an interesting choice - won't that be strange as the sexual tension increases??

-Did we catch the school security guard's "Cellphones, caps, rings and bling" rhyme when everyone was passing through the metal detectors? Catchy (albeit redundant...aren't rings a form of bling?). They should adopt that jingle at airports...

-10 points for Mrs. Dyson, the first person that I can recall asserting that Sarah Connor looks the same 8 years later...

-I don't know about you all, but I found myself playing Scrabulous during most of Ellison's scenes as well as most of the creepy-Terminator-reassembly scenes. They just weren't doing much for me (Ellison especially, who during the pilot appeared to be being set up as a threat for Sarah, though since it's rather apparent that he pretty much believes her story already there's no doubt that they'll soon be chummy and helping each other out; needless to say I don't view him as the threat that he is supposed to be).

-This episode contained the obligatory "Sarah doesn't know how cell phones work" gag since it's the future and all. Next week they'll be tackling Ipods.

-Cameron continues to act supremely awkward - telling a girl she looks fat, calling things 'tight' (by the way, who here refers to different kinds of makeup as 'tight' anyway), alienating a depressed girl in the bathroom, etc. I think this act is already starting to wear thin. Can't she witness appropriate social behavior and act accordingly?

-So the doctor tells Sarah that, "We can't predict the future, only prevent it". First she takes this to mean that she must kill Andy, though she decides instead to engage in some minor arson. Frankly, I don't see how either will help. Had she killed him, someone else would still ultimately create Skynet (like before) and methinks Andy will soon resurface with a bigger and better supercomputer.

-John showed some rapid character development this week. First of all, he was the smart one (and Sarah seemed useless) when discussing basic AI concepts (and doesn't it seem weird that Sarah knows less than nothing about what she needs to be fighting to prevent Judgment Day; seriously, how can the woman stop Skynet when her description of Andy's supercomputer was: "It plays chess"). Additionally, he wanted to help the girl at school on the roof (how Clark Kent of him...) and declared to his mother, "Isn't that what I'm supposed to be?" when she told him to stop acting like a hero.

-Review by Rachel on Get Reel


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