The Bridge Recap: Not Done

David Tate is a disturbed, vengeful, murderous bastard. We knew this as of last week’s episode of The Bridge, when we realized Tate is the Bridge Butcher, as well as a man pretending to be Kenneth Hasting, and a vengeful widower who lost his wife and son in a terrible car accident, and someone who has it in for Marco Ruiz, who was sleeping with that wife just before she died.


This week’s episode further confirmed all of that information. But it also introduced this notion: that plenty of other relatively decent people in El Paso can just as easily be driven to kill. Cesar put a bullet in Graciela Rivera’s henchman without giving it much more than a millisecond of thought. Charlotte Wainwright then followed up by shoving a pitchfork directly into Graciela’s torso, ensuring that she’ll never bump off another defenseless horse or demand oral sex from good ‘ol Ray-Ray again. (By the way, the pitchfork? Totally the little-known seventh murder weapon in the game Clue.)  Read More...


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