ANTM Cycle 9: A Predictable Finale

Weed out Jenah. And the winner is...

Saleisha (shocker).

Some thoughts:

-Just a question. Has anybody ever actually witnessed the so called CoverGirl print ad that becomes a "national ad" appear in any reputable magazine? Seventeen doesn't count.

-So the girls are doing a CoverGirl campaign for lip gloss that sounds like a cocktail (fruit spritzers)...

-Chantal said "seeing Jaslene" has made her want to fill her shows even more (which Chantal interprets literally, saying her shoes were adorable...oh Chantal). Personally, I can't actually see Jaslene. She has kind of withered away.

-I think Jay inadvertently (or not) told Chantal she sounded like a "dumb model" during her early commercial takes. Harsh.

-"Hey Jenah, let's go to cue cards."

Jenah: "Noooooo."

Everyone knows that cue cards are the kiss of death. They mean you're retarded.

Apparently Jenah works well under pressure though, because after she was gifted one last take, she managed to pull it off.

-Tyra says that qi gang's work is "like art", unlike other designers, I guess.

-A top model institution, Tyra asks each of the remaining 3 girls to identify who has the most potential ("Me", duh) and who has the least. Not surprisingly, Jenah is the easy scapegoat of both Saleisha and Chantal. Apparently being sarcastic makes you not a role model. Guess I'm not a role model either...

-Tyra says Saleisha only has one smile. I guess it needs a name. Like Blue Steel.

-At the beginning of the episode, Tyra asks if Jenah can turn on the charm for the win. I think Jenah really did give a concerted effort, but the judges - who were predisposed to hate her - informed her that she "was making fun of the commercial the whole time". Where did they dig that shit up from? Granted, she didn't help her case when she said she didn't have to "spew rainbows all the time for girls to want to be like her". Personally, I think Jenah made a good case. Spewing rainbows all of the time is obnoxious and fake. Tyra however disagrees, so thus was the end of Jenah (good job with the tears though...nice touch). In the very least Jenah can go home now and fix her heinous hair.

-Oh boy, Tyra saunters down the runway in this fashion show with her very own Chinese entourage...

-Jaslene gets a pity walk in the show, as she doesn't have any other real jobs going on (inaudible CoverGirl commercials don't count).

-The second the stilt man tripped on Chantal's dress, I kind of knew that things were over for her. Granted, the tripping wasn't really Chantal's fault, but her resulting pause and gasp were just painful to watch. Poor Chantal. Honestly I never thought Chantal had a chance of winning, but if the judges needed a reason to rationalize for themselves why to choose Saleisha, I'd say that this was it.

-Normally they do side-by-sides of the shots from every week. This time they only chose 3. I wonder if that's because there were time constraints or because Chantal looked better in the rest of them (wasn't there a streak of bad pictures for Saleisha?) and they wanted to make it seem as though their pictures were equal in quality?

-That's right, what do we all think of the Saleisha controversy?

-"Inside of that screen holds the photo of the winner of America's Next Top Model" - Tyra

Sorry, but that statement made me think of Zoolander yet again. Inside the screen!!

-I thought Chantal was an adorable and gracious loser. Personally, I say she was robbed.

-I won't be watching Crowned. It looks awful.

Note: Saleisha doesn't actually look like this photo anymore. Because now she's "edgy". All hail Tyra.

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ANTM: A Predictable Finale


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