Highschool DxD Episode #02 Anime Review

The opening episode of the series was a bit busy as it dealt with introducing us to Issei and the fact that he was being hunted by (fallen?) angels with black wings because he has something inside him that must be eliminated. His being saved by Rias at the end after being stabbed revealed her powers, and those that were with her being just as powerful as her in different ways, made for a quick introduction and a whole lot of questions. What sold it for me, not in big fashion but enough to definitely come back, was that it shifted to Issei waking up in bed and having a naked Rias next to him. It’s a panic moment but at the same time, it’s hilarious as she insists that he call her master as she’s the head devil in charge in these parts and she intends to make sure he knows it since he’s a devil too.




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