Highschool DxD Episode #04 Anime Review

The introduction of Asia in the previous episode and a light exploration of the church and the exorcists that exists helped to flesh out the world that Issei has now found himself living in. It wasn’t a pretty time to be sure, especially for Asia who was essentially sexually assaulted by her fellow priest exorcist who had come to take out Issei, the new demon that was easy to deal with if not for his master and those that work with her. What the episode did was to make Asia a bit more palatable to everyone else, not by much, as there are those stray exorcists like her who don’t fall into the conventional role of one who is just bloodthirsty and will do or say whatever it takes to eliminate a demon. And with her having liked Issei from the start, it made things a bit more complicated for her but also eased her into things when it came to the others.




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