Highschool DxD Episode #11 Anime Review

Highschool DxD has hit some good levels in the last few episodes, which is on top of an already fun series that has dealt well with actual storylines and not just fanservice as one might believe it to be. With the Rating Game underway and going pretty big rather quickly, it hit some high notes with the revelation we got about Rias and her ancestry and connection and how Koneko got taken down very hard. Issei continues to be the kind of character that’s welcome to have as the male lead in that while he may not have everything together at times, he’s not one to shy away or question what it is he has to do when the chips are down. He knows what’s right and acts on it even with the risk associated with it to himself. And that’s helped to make the others in Rias’ group come to like him more than they may have expected, making it easier for them to support him.




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