School Lies: Pool Party

In a nutshell:

The kids throw a rager that would make Lindsay Lohan proud.

Some idiot leaves their camera phone behind and everyone gets caught.

Some thoughts:

-It's episodes like this that make the parents angry that their preteen children are watching Gossip Girl. After the kids break into the school and throw the craziest pool party I have ever seen, complete with "alcohol and drugs" (as the new headmistress noted), only one person is held accountable, and then she gets off easily with a little monetary bribery. All of the booze and cocaine consumed by everyone else was conveniently overlooked...

-Did they seriously make incest jokes? Twice! (Chuck Bass: "I'm game if you are"). Granted, there's no actual genetic connection between Serena and Chuck so should they ever decide to get it on it would not be true incest, but the joking about it still thoroughly creeped me out.

-If all of the evidence came from camera phone pictures, would there seriously have even been evidence that Dan was at the party? I think not. I doubt the cool kids would have bothered to snap photos of him. Also, if I learned one thing from tonight's episode it would be to never leave a camera phone behind...

-Some of my favorite lines of the episode:

"A heartfelt letter? Who spayed you, man?" - Chuck to Nate

"Now that sex and lies have been caught on videotape..." - Gossip Girl, with an obvious reference to this movie

"You just won 365 more days in your Ikea furnished closet" - Blair to Vanessa, reminding us that Upper East Siders frown upon Ikea...

-I found it a little predictable that Vanessa would repeatedly catch everything important on her video camera. Speaking of which, why are they making Vanessa both increasingly weird and increasingly obnoxious? Furthermore, I was under the impression that Vanessa did not go to the rich kids' private school, so why was she constantly hanging around there? Doesn't she have her own school to attend and things to do?

-I was kind of upset that it was Serena who was ultimately responsible for the pool party (good job misleading us towards Chuck though). It seemed incredibly out of character for the new and improved her.

-I thought another flaw with this episode was that nobody acknowledged that Dan clearly broke whatever honor code the school had, as even though Serena came in and admitted to everything, Dan had already lied about not knowing anything.

-I'm not sure when or how it happened, but it seems that Blair and Nate both love each other at the same time these days. However, judging by the previews for next week's episode, this won't last for long...

-Review by Rachel on Get Reel


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