Highschool DxD New Episode #03 Anime Review

Highschool DxD New has worked decently to just get right into things with this season rather than spend a lot of its time just goofing around. With the events of the first two episodes, we got a handle on the Holy Swords pretty well and an amusing bit involving the way some of those from the angel’s side have come down to try and make sure that Rias and her group keep from getting involved in the situation. That lead to an agreement of sorts, but it also brought out a bit of a fight that was more intended for fun than anything else. And it is fun as it gets underway and Issei holds his own fairly well as he tries to go with his patented dress breaker attack. Of course, his intended target doesn’t get taken down with it as he overshoots and hits his own side instead, which leads to some comical shredding of clothes that delights the fans.




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