Cruel Intentions + The O.C. = Gossip Girl

One of CW's new shows of the season, Gossip Girl, already has me hooked. A little bit The O.C., a lot Cruel Intentions, Gossip Girl has a lot going on.

With hints of dark drama, including date rape and suicide, Gossip Girl centers around fallen "It Girl" Serena, who disappears leaving her BFF Blair without a word, only to return a year later out of the blue.

Nate (who is a dead ringer for Ian Somerhalder, by the way), who is Blair's boyfriend, is a little too happy to see Serena again, and we soon learn why, as right before she disappeared, Serena and Nate had sex.

Blair is already pissy to Serena, but when she learns of that betrayal, the claws really come out.

But Serena seems not to care too much about her social status these days, as she is too busy tending to her suicidal brother Eric, as well as hanging out with her new friends Dan and Dan's sweet little sis Jenny.

As this show stems from Josh Schwartz, the brains behind The O.C., it will be interesting to see what happens when the parents' drama, which was only hinted about this week, gets mixed in with the kids' drama--O.C. style.

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