'Wipeout: Jill Wagner doesn't think people know who she is

Zap2it: You used to say you'd never attempt the "Wipeout" obstacle course yourself. Now that you're back on the show, how do you feel about that?Jill Wagner: I feel exactly the same! I think it's because no one has offered me $50,000 to go through it. That's a motivating factor (since that's the amount each episode's winner gets).You might think, "It's all about the money ... that's why these people are doing this," but in my interviews with them, that's one of the questions I always ask. And I get a lot of answers along the lines of, "No, my kid dared me to do it. That's why I'm here." I don't have a kid daring me to do it yet, but that could happen in the next 20 years.Zap2it: Even with that, is it enjoyable for you when the "Wipeout" course is changed, with new and inevitably messy hurdles for the contestants to get...



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