Trying to define Jaime Sommers: Human, Bionic, or Robot?

As a fan of butt-kicking woman and the all-around female bad-ass on television, I was looking forward to Bionic Woman. Once Alias ended, no other station stepped up to fill the void of fighting women. That's where NBC stepped in. In an attempt to fill this emptiness, a revamped Bionic Woman was created.

However, somewhere along the way from idea to execution, the potential was lost. The show even changed between the initial preview and the pilot. And in retrospect, there are some clear reasons why many people are turned away from the new life and times of Jaime Sommers.

The character is awkward, fluid, and inconsistent. In the 45 minute pilot, in which so much happens, we have no idea how she feels about anything. She was pregnant but we can't really tell how she felt about that: at dinner she didn't want Will to marry her but later on she cries when she learns she lost the baby. She is angry at her boyfriend and what he did to her, but later she sleeps with him. We think she loved Will but the night after his funeral decides to go for "Mr-Right-Now." She doesn't understand her sister and appears to be making no effort to get to know her at this point, but the pilot preview promoted the rebuilding of that relationshp... after 45 minutes, the audience is left more confused than we started. Who the heck is or was Jaime Sommers?

Although the character is made of scientific parts, she's still supposed to be a woman at heart. The focus on bioethics, technical prowess, and fight scenes somehow ignored that. The original preview of the show reveals that the sister of Jaime is deaf and Jaime as her caretaker. Jaime was a young woman, completely human, trying to balance her life. This emotional depth was immediately removed upon the replacement of the actress and complete revamp of the character to a normal teenager. This change failed to grab my attention, and frankly, I was disappointed.

Unexpectedly, Jaime is literally, now, a robot. She's no longer fully a woman. Jaimie's bionic รข€“ but she's still supposed to be partly human. And that got lost somewhere along the way.

Full review by Michelle on Get Reel:

Jaime Who?


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I like thes show
Bionic Woman

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