A Thin Line Between Nate and Chuck: The Fall of Blair

What happened in a nutshell:

The always necessary teen pregnancy scare occurs. Blair falls. Jenny rises.

Some thoughts:

-Serena was kind of naive to so openly buy a pregnancy test in Gossip Girl territory. The scandal could have easily been avoided had she ventured out of the Upper East Side to purchase it...

-I like that the writers seem to be in on the joke that Eric's hair is troubled. Tonight, Serena points out that his color is all wrong for him.

-Normally my favorite lines come from Chuck or Blair, but tonight I thought Serena had a bunch of good ones:

"Yes I'm pregnant and it's yours." - said to all of the gawking kids at school

"My first response is that the sky is a clear blue easy." - encouraging Blair to take the test

"I have no idea what I would have worn to a paternity hearing." - upon learning that Blair was not pregnant

-Whoa! All of a sudden Rufus has not one but two identical looking brunette women after him? Also, why did he admit to one of them that he used to be a man whore?

-And the double entendre award of the night goes to...Blair, for her "Then have fun playing with yourself" line to Chuck when she declared that she was finished being controlled by his threats. However, Chuck was a close second with some line about his father's Arabians...

-For the longest time I wasn't sure what little Jenny's endgame was. It seemed like she just wanted Blair to accept her as a friend. In fact, I was convinced she was going to take the blackmail route with Blair in order to force her to be her friend. However, Jenny took it a step farther and now seems to have set her sights on replacing her entirely (though isn't Jenny a little young to be the new queen?). It's all very Mean Girls.

-Was Blair's fall as social queen a bit too harsh? I never really thought her position was entirely solidified by being virginal. Besides, she was broken up with Nate when she slept with Chuck - while a bad decision, I'm sure all of her friends have done crap like that too.

-Speaking of Blair and her friends, when did her clique double in size? I saw at least two girls - a blonde and a brunette - that I've never seen before, yet we were led to believe have always been there. I guess they've been in Blair's shadow or some nonsense like that.

-I thought Dan's very When Harry Met Sally-esque speech about why he loved Serena was adorable.

-If I was Blair, I would have been hella pissed that Serena referred to the 'having sex with Blair's boyfriend incident' as a stupid scandal that made her run away. However, I guess since it was well intentioned Blair let it slide.

-Sadly, this was the last episode of Gossip Girl filmed before the strike. Luckily, it was finale like, in the event that we don't get any more new episodes this season, though that would be sad. In the meantime, the CW is going to start showing Gossip Girl reruns on Monday nights beginning on January 28 if you still want your fix (they very sneakily advertised this as a new night, which is not to be mistaken with new episodes - I assure you there are none).

-Review by Rachel on Get Reel


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