Gossip Girl is...well...Delicious

Complete with Sony Sidekick placement, underage drinking, popular music, and a Smallville plug, Gossip Girl is absolutely dripping and delicious. The fresh mix of new CW It-Guys and It-Girls show us what its like in a world run by gossip, all while placing a strict critique on teenage society in upscale New York.

The first few episodes leave enough questions and plot ideas to give the season plenty to chew on…a bite large enough to keep it going if you will. And as if Kristen Bell wasn’t truly the previous it-girl from CW’s hit (and now laid to rest) Veronica Mars, it is her saucy narration as Gossip Girl that stamps her permanently on CW’s map. In terms of her fellow, "physical" cast members, one thing is certain: We are LOVIN’ the new girl! CW has found a new headliner in Blake Lively, the lovely blonde who plays our main character Serena. You’ll feel like you’ve seen her before, but Blake Lively’s track record only stems about 2 films deep, including “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.”

The music itself is well timed and placed like any CW show, starting with “Young Folks” by Peter Bjorn and John, ending with “The Gift” by Angels and Airwaves, and with Rihanna and Justin Timberlake in between. That’s no surprise here on a station known for integrating the newest young musicians. And the it-girl music supervisor, Alexandra Patsavas, known for her work on the OC and Grey’s Anatomy, is (surprise surprise) the music supervisor for Gossip Girl! The pilot used a record 20 songs, the highest done by her company Chop Shop Music Supervision….and I think, considering Alex is on-board, we can expect for the future episodes to be just as full of new and featured artists. You can check out the list on the CW website.

There were some minor bumps along the way to Gossip Girl’s glory. In terms of plot, (ENTERING a SPOILER section)….I will first bring to attention Serena’s reason for going to boarding school. Considering the type of rumors being spread by our GG (Gossip Girl) and others, I was kinda hoping her reason was a big deal, like she was pregnant, or a drug dealer, or a murderer or something. But sex? Just sex? It’s the CW! Sex is, like, the most repeated word on these teenage shows. Couldn’t it be a bit different then sleeping with a best friend’s boyfriend? Oh well…

The biggest drawback to the show is the same as Cruel Intentions: the audience will find it hard to believe older cast members trying to play high school kids. In Cruel Intentions, Ryan Phillipe, Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, and Sarah Michelle Gellar looked about 10 years too old for their parts. Our current cast is a bit younger than that film, but for some reason, we believe it anyway. It isn’t cus they’re beautiful, as our faithful movie cast was significantly so. Perhaps the CW’s perfectly roasted blend of story, music, and teenage angst places Gossip Girl in a more believable sphere.

All in all, Gossip Girl successfully strays away from being a recycled CW show (Although I think the set of the "Kiss on the Lips" dance looks remarkably close to "The Bronze" club in Buffy...). It’s a delightfully tasty surprise to this season’s line up.

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