HIMYM: Madness Indeed

On last night's How I Met Your Mother we got taken down memory lane as Barney tried to figure out which of the women that he's slept with is trying to sabotage his current "relationships".

When a chain of very similar events gets Barney to question what is happening to his game, we realize that there is a woman behind it. Literally. Because who doesn't like a good stalker storyline??

This mystery woman is following his every move and interjecting every time he's about to seal the deal, forewarning the ladies that basically he's a dirtbag. In an attempt to figure out which of the many women he has offended would be angry enough to do this to him, he uses Ted and Marshall's March Madness basketball bracket to determine which of the girls he's screwed (then screwed over) would have the most motive to ruin his game. Good thing he keeps a scrapbook to keep track of them all!

After many beers, pizzas, and disputes later, Marshall, Lily, Ted, Robin and Barney are able to narrow it down to the top four contenders from each locale; the four women with the most motive. Since Lily met this mystery woman when it was believed that Lily was a target of Barney's, she accompanies Barney across the city in order to identify which of these four ladies is the culprit.

Besides a few laugh out loud funny lines, which mostly came from the scene where everyone was trying to set-up this mystery woman (Robin's inability to lie without giggling, Lily's attempt to blend in, and Marshall trying to play it cool and forgetting what it is he usually does with his hands), I found the plot to be a bit lacking. (Am I alone here?) The writers haven't quite convinced me they have the pre-strike mentality back, and I think they lost a bit of their focus, namely having more than one character be the focal point of the episode. With all this newfound attention they're getting by bringing washed-up, once-loved celebs onto the show, (Can't WAIT for Dawson's appearance!) you'd think the writers would bring their A-game.. but this episode (sadly) confirms that Barney wasn't the only one who lost a bit of his charm.

I must say, however, that the Doogie Howser, M.D. spoof at the end of the episode left me with hope for the rest of the season and with a reminder of what it is I loved about HIMYM in the first place!

And also, if you haven't read Barney's Blog on CBS.com, it's definitely worth checking out for at least a chuckle!


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