The Hills Are Alive Once Again!

After a long and dramatic hiatus, Season 3 of The Hills picked up again last night spotlighting many of our favorite cast members in various locales around the world.

Lauren finally gets a taste of Paris after passing up her last opportunity because of her commitment to Jason. Heidi returns to her parents' house in Colorado to give herself some space away from Spencer to figure out what she wants. And back in L.A., Spencer's sister Stephanie gives him a sweet dose of reality by telling him to make a list of everything he's done thus far in his relationship with Heidi and do the exact opposite... Ouch! (“I mean I guess you could just write a list of everything you’ve done and do the exact opposite.” -Stephanie's advice to Spencer)

The episode flashes between the locations giving us a general idea where these characters now stand and serving as a bit of a refresher course in the lives of our favorite rich kids. Lauren finds out through a phone call from Audrina that Brody is at a bar in L.A. with a girl who he introduces as his girlfriend only two days after Lauren left for Paris. This is slightly disturbing news especially because we find out that Lauren and Whitney only spend one week in Paris! Maybe it was my imagination, or maybe it was just the way that MTV set it up, but I was somehow led to believe that Lauren and Whitney would be spending some ACTUAL time in Paris. And to think - Brody couldn't wait one whole week for Lauren, who he seemed to genuinely be interested in??? Does that not seriously bother anyone else??

Anyway, that leaves Lauren thirsting for some Parisian romance of her own. (After all, as Whitney points out, if he can have a girlfriend after only two days, the girls can surely find some romance in two days!) And luckily for the girls, they have some rock-star man-friends from the band Rock N Roll to occupy their time there. I use the term "man-friends" to emphasize that these guys seemed way too old for our dear girls Lauren and Whitney to be romantically involved with. (OK, so I googled it and it says that Matthias - guitarist and backup vocals and the guy who spent the episode desperately trying to get into Lauren's pants- is only 24!) But his eyebrow raise and European attempts at seductiveness just came across creepy and dad-like. Plus the chain smoking, vespa-riding band member's machismo seemed not to notice all of Lauren's awkward hug/kiss-on-the-cheek responses to his advances and was damn persistent anyway!

The week-long Paris trip involved the quintessential drinking champagne under the Eiffel Tower light show, high fashion, a debutant ball, and a personalized chauffeur for the Teen Vogue duo. Oh yeah, and they "worked" while they were there too. We also saw Lauren make some foolish choices which involved doing some impromptu sewing to a designer gown, a hair curler catastrophe, and some seriously poor work-related choices with no apparent consequences. (Does she not realize that all of her foolish actions are being recorded by MTV, so thinking her bosses might not notice that she had to bother a designer for another gown an hour before the Debutant Ball probably won't pan out that way!) I'd love to see some repercussions for the irresponsible decisions that Lauren made in the name of a night out in Paris!

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The Hills Are Alive Once Again!


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