How Ted turned a "No" into a "Yes" on the newest How I Met Your Mother

The newest How I Met Your Mother gave fans (and also first-timers) something to talk about. Some of you might have recognized a familiar face or two outside of the usual cast...and it probably wasn't a surprise. That's right, Britney Spears finally has reappeared on the public radar and this time it was in a (dare I say it?) positive light! No shaved heads, babies, divorces, drunk driving incidents, or late night partying for this pop diva - instead Britney gave us her premiere debut as an actress!

For all of the hype surrounding the episode, including the cast raving about Britney's professionalism and demeanor on set, her actual screen-time was quite limited to only a few short scenes. Instead, stealing the spotlight was Sarah Chalke (of Scrubs fame), playing dermatologist Stella given the hilarious task of removing Ted's "tramp stamp". Brit was merely given (what I consider to be) a tasteful role as Chalke's shy, low self-esteemed and somewhat self-depreciating receptionist.

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