Suits Season 3 Review “Endgame” – Onward and Upward

In this episode of Suits, called “Endgame,” Harvey and Jessica team up to take down Stephen and figure out a way to take someone else out with him, while Louis discovers that his greatest failure could be his greatest challenge.

Watching Harvey and Jessica work together the way they did in this episode was so great. I had nearly forgotten what it was like to see them on the same team and fighting for the same things. This whole fight of theirs has been hard to watch. I felt kind of like a kid watching her parents fight – I didn’t like it and I wanted it to end. Then again, if having to watch that breakdown of their relationship meant that I got to see fantastic scenes like the one where they drank together and declared each other family. maybe I’m okay with that. You all know how much I loves me the drama and angst.



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