Wentworth Prison Series 1 Review “Fly Me Away”

The second episode of Channel 5’s new Australian import, Wentworth Prison, ‘Fly Me Away’, offers up a more emotional hour than the premiere, as we look into Doreen’s backstory. Bea’s story, in turn, takes more of a backseat, leaving time to focus on her fellow prisoners’ lives before and after their respective incarcerations.

Doreen is a good one to start with, as her relationship with little Kaiya offers the only glimpse of hope in the prison. The big surprise of the episode is that Doreen isn’t actually Kaiya’s mother, but she is just looking after her in place of her crack-addled cellmate, and her traumatic past informs her decisions throughout the episode. She’s probably the nicest and most trustworthy friend for Bea to make right now, having turned a corner since being arrested for drunk driving while pregnant.




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