The Bridge began with a great hook: an El Paso judge who had just issued a controversial ruling is found dead across the border to Juarez. More than that, it’s only half her body and the other half belongs to one of countless Mexican murder victims. The killer had an agenda, using the burned-out reporter Frye to send messages to the authorities and send them running. But after revealing the scene of his mass killing of immigrants in the desert any political or social angle has been dropped entirely. Since then he’s been content to play games with the Feds and cops until finally homing in on Ruiz in particular. Now that his cards are supposedly all on the table, we’re left to wonder what all that fuss was about. Was it just a feint to distract from his true goal of destroying Ruiz? And if so, why on earth go to all that trouble? Was his endgame to simply kill Santi Jr. and kidnap Gus? Right now it certainly looks that way.



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