Rizzol & Isles Review 4.11 "Judge, Jury, and Executioner"

This season has been so scattered, I feel. The closing of arcs, the revamping of others, but nothing actually new. It has been feeling like the same joke told over and over; though I will say there have been a few good episodes here and there.RI 10.1

Angela’s tax hiccup came to a close. As she is gathering cans and hocking her baked goods trying to make ends meet. When she owes twenty-seven thousand to the IRS, it’s not going to come out of baked goods. She’s a sweet older woman, got that Italian Boston mom thing going on. Her husband left her for some hussy younger than all three of his kids, and she lost the house and had to move in with Maura. That’s a tough hand and honesty I find it very believable. It’s not uncommon in this world for exactly such things to happen to a good person.


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