Medaka Box Episode #11 Anime Review

The struggle between the student council and the disciplinary committee hasn’t been an arc that I’ve cared for too much, especially with it having turned as violent as it has and with Medaka going all Super Saiyan here on Unzen. It’s not something we’ve seen before as she’s always had the mindset that she can do what it takes in order to save whoever she’s dealing with and bring them around to her way of thinking. And we’ve seen thta accomplished numerous times across the show so far, though it hasn’t really clicked for me in a big way. What we do get here is a bit of her past though that helps explain why she tries to save, dealing with a violent kid named Kumagawa some time ago, who went so far around the bend there was no saving him. And that resulted in her going violent, which she now feels is her only choice when it comes to Unzen.



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