Medaka Box Episode #12 Anime Review

With the recent events with Unzen and the way it all played out, the last episode of the first season of Medaka Box does play out a little predictably. The show has taken Medaka out of it for a bit with regards to the Student Council, which isn’t a bad thing as it focuses more on the rest of the group rather than just her. She dominated things a bit recently, as made sense, but this is a welcome, simpler event that unfolds here. Especially since there are comments at the beginning about how cases have slowed down for the council since Medaka wasn’t there, giving them the idea that she was more a cause of the cases than anything else. Someone like Medaka is very much a catalyst in a lot of ways, but as they suss out, it’s more that she digs out the seeds of trouble and deals with it rather than letting it fester and grow.



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