Medaka Box Abnormal Episode #01 Anime Review

With a first season that had some good moments to it at times but largely felt off and far too by the numbers and familiar, it ended in a big way that had the fans of the manga just pleading with people to get into the second season. With the show designed to go different in the second season, this isn’t a surprise since it’s all a turning point with what’s come to pass so far. Sometimes that can be a hard sell though, especially if you struggle through a season to find something interesting only to be told the good stuff is just about to come. What makes it easier, perhaps a bit more for older fans, is that the formula is a tried and true one for Gainax in how they like to do a number of their shows. So, with Medaka Box Abnormal, it has the season to really shine and provide the payoff. But can it with the push and hype behind it?



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