Medaka Box Abnormal Episode #06 Anime Review

With the show moving forward in its fairly slow manner as it deals with various attacks, things slow down a little bit here. We’ve got some of the usual silliness creeping in with the group as there are personalities that rub up against each other in playful ways that can be misinterpreted from a distance, but it’s just the kind of thing that makes them who they are. Zenkichi is someone who has seen it for quite some time so it doesn’t impact him all that much, but as we see from Kouki, it’s not something he wants to stand around and watch. Which leads him to walking alone for a bit and has him coming across Black White, a curious young woman with bandages over her face and a knife stuck in there. Which is just the start, since he’s also being attacked by someone called Best Pain that’s trying to kill him.



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