'Breaking Bad' rejected storylines: Walt in South America, Badger the marksman

Just about every TV show has a list of story ideas that don't end up on screen. It's rare, though, that one of those ideas involves a recurring character shooting a flaming arrow from a crossbow.That, however, is one of the things that never made it out of the writers' room on "Breaking Bad." As part of its cover story on the show, EW asked co-executive producer Peter Gould and writer/story editor Gennifer Hutchison to reveal some stories the show ultimately rejected. You can read the full list of 12 at EW.com, but here are a handful that stood out.Badger and his crossbow: After the police impound Jesse's (Aaron Paul) car -- which contains evidence tying him to drug dealer Tuco -- he asks Badger (Matt Jones), who owns and is proficient with a crossbow, for help. Jesse and Walt (Bryan Cranston) make a flaming arrow that Badger shoots at Jesse's car, thus destroying the...



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