'Devious Maids' creator Marc Cherry: 'Who wants to see Susan Lucci play a waitress?'

TV writers don't usually play favorites with their characters, but "Devious Maids" creator Marc Cherry can't help himself when it comes to Susan Lucci's sweetly vulnerable Genevieve Delatour."She is the character I love writing the most," Cherry tells Zap2it. "She is rich. She is spoiled and she is child-like, but she means so well. And I feel so lucky to have Susan on the show."Genevieve has been married six times, is a bit helpless and floats around in a series of exquisite outfits, usually while arranging flowers. She's vain, and prone to shaivng decades off her actual age, and has an optimistic light about her in a patented clueless way."I understand that character on a really profound level because of some of the people I know," Cherry says.Lucci surprised Cherry by flying out to audition for him."You're always worried about the people you are big fans of. Oh my God, I am so relieved that...



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