'Big Brother 15': Judd is self-destructing in the house

We thought things might get a little boring in the "Big Brother 15" house with Elissa and Amanda gone but that has not been the case so far. Read on to find out what's going down or just sign up for the live feeds to watch for yourself. To get you up to speed, Spencer won HOH and nominated GinaMarie and McCrae, but McCrae won POV and will obviously remove himself from the block. There has been talk about getting GinaMarie out (McCrae wants her gone the most because he thinks she's got all the jury votes). But Andy wants Judd out and one of the big reasons Andy and Spencer think that's the best plan is because GM got pretty banged up in the POV competition -- a bandage on her knee and nine stitches for a cut on her leg.They think this means she'll be easy to beat in physical competitions going forward,...



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