Toronto: A Real-Life Astronaut Reviews ‘Gravity’ – ‘I Want to Fly With Sandra Bullock’

Earthbound film critics have been raving about Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity” since it premiered at the Venice Film Festival late last month, but what about the verdict from someone who understands what it’s really like to be in space, the setting for Cuaron’s imaginative and exhilarating survival drama about astronauts marooned in orbit after an accident miles above Earth?

As it turns out, somebody who knows the experience raved about the movie, too.

“Fortunately, the five months I spent on the space station were way calmer,” said Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, when asked his reaction to the film after its Toronto International Film Festival premiere Sunday. “But the visuals were spectacularly good. I don’t know how you did it.”  Read More...


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