'Dexter' Season 8 episode 10 'Goodbye Miami': Dexter makes a choice

In the third-to-last episode of "Dexter" ever, the titular character makes a choice -- but can he (and everyone else) live happily ever after?Dexter's FamilyThere are several rather heartbreaking parallel storylines going on with family this episode. Dr. Vogel gets a second chance with her son, Dexter is worried about the well-being of his pseudo-mom and Deb is faced with the prospect of losing the little family she has left. It's so sad to watch how desperate Dr. Vogel is to help Daniel, begging Dexter not to hurt him and thinking she can somehow save him. It's also pretty sad/scary how jealous Daniel is of Dexter and the life he got to lead.In the end, Evelyn chooses her other "son," agreeing to let Dexter kill Daniel after seeing him kill Zach (another pseudo-son), taking the bone saw to Zach's head while he was still alive in a horrendous video that Daniel kept on his computer....



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