'Big Brother 15': The Exterminators put their plans in motion

Last week's jam-packed double eviction episode on "Big Brother 15" featured a lot of scrambling that happened during the commercial breaks, so that's what we get to see first on the show tonight.Double Eviction Behind-the-ScenesAfter Amanda leaves (we spend like an hour re-watching her exit), it's time for McCrae to figure out who turned on him, Andy or Elissa. Poor, stupid Elissa demonstrates again how poor she is at this game by asking McCrae if HE voted Amanda out. Remember how she told Julie Chen she doesn't think Andy flipped because he was so "shocked" when Amanda got evicted? Elissa is kind of a doof in terms of game play.Once McCrae wins HOH, Elissa and Andy are each scrambling to beg and plead with him not to put them up because he/she was the loyal one. Interestingly, McCrae thinks Andy flipped but he still targets Elissa because that'll create the least amount of waves. Huh....



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