Dexter Season 8 Review “Goodbye Miami”

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before in my reviews for Dexter, but Showtime gives me the special privilege of getting to watch episodes before they air. It’s a great way for us to write the reviews beforehand so we can post them as soon as the episode airs. However, they will usually not give us screeners for “important” episodes. They didn’t let us see the episode from season six that revealed the “twist” that Marshall and Gellar are the same person, and they usually don’t let us see the finale episodes either. So the reason I’m sharing this is because they aren’t showing any members of the press the final three episodes of the series, starting with tonight’s. So while this review may be getting posted a little later than usual, I’m hoping that the last three episodes are going to really step on the gas and put a lot of pieces in place, and the reason that Showtime isn’t letting us see them is because they don’t want all of the crazy spoilers getting out. Many Dexter fans, myself included, have been a little disappointed by this season overall. While it’s been a reasonably entertaining season of Dexter, it doesn’t feel like the final season of Dexter. I went into tonight’s episode “Goodbye Miami” hoping that might change. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite happen.



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