Low Winter Sun Season 1 Review “Cake on the Way”

In this week’s episode of Low Winter Sun, “Cake on the Way,” Agnew and Geddes returned their focus to covering up the McCann murder. With the ties to Khalil’s investigation now clear, they did everything they could to pin McCann and Bobek’s murder on whoever killed Billy. Oh, and everyone was excited about a boxing match.

First, I’ll go ahead and say that I have nothing against boxing, and it’s certainly been established as a part of Agnew’s life. I don’t know, maybe Detroit is a big boxing town, but the fact that every single character was excited for this one match seemed like a stretch. If nothing else, it was an unnecessary addition to certain storylines. That said, it did provide a good chance for the homicide detectives to spend some quality time together. Up until now, we’ve mainly seen the detectives tense and on the job, so it was nice to see that they can be friendly off-the-clock.




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