What Remains Series 1 Episode 3 (BBC1) Review

I don’t want to say it, but What Remains looks more and more like a lengthy collection of red herrings with every passing episode. Last week, it was only nice-guy-next door Kieran who seemed innocent, obviously making him the prime suspect, but now that theory has been squashed by the abundance of warning signs we received in episode three. With only one more to go, the smart investigators among us should probably start looking elsewhere.

It turns out that Melissa wasn’t as single and lonely as we had assumed, with Kieran acting as a bleary-eyed, dysfunctional suitor in the days before he quit the drink. We see glimpses of the relationship, along with Adam’s aggressive disapproval of it, and now the secret has been uncovered by current girlfriend Patricia. She seems to be out of the picture for now, given Kieran’s relapse and the father-son likeness for being creepy and predatory. Did one of them kill Melissa? It seems too obvious.




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