The worst episode ever

I don't know what the general opinion might be; but this Thurday's 30 Rock's "Kidney Now" was the worst episode of the series I have seen so far. I did not laugh once throughout the uneventful 20 mins... perhaps just seeing Jenna throw herself upon her 'half-sister' during that talk show made me somehow giggle. The rest of the show was the result of unimaginative writing and lack of ideas; god there even was a mini clip-show of Tracy crying!

Moreover, about one fifth of the show was summarised in that excruciating song at the end; it seems Tina Fey's 80's nostalgia finally caught up with her and induced her into doing a "we are the children, burnt-stars' version".

Why is it that in the last 10 years, no sit-com is able to remain funny? All the great ones have fallen down the drain: SNL, The Simpsons, Family Guy... apparently only do-overs from other countries (the office, Ugly Betty) are still making us laugh. Let us hope 30 Rock doesn't become just another deception. But, after the 'Larry King' episode, things just seem to be going downhill with a frightening speed!


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May 16, 2009 2:47AM EDT

I'm allowed only 5 F-bombs to tell you how wrong you are. This episode was amazing! 20 more years!!!!!

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