Gosick Episode #16 Review

As Gosick moves along, and after an interesting storyline that dealt with the past of Saubure, Gosick takes a different approach for the start of this next arc, but not one that’s altogether surprising. While Kazuya and Avril are getting along well and enjoying spending time together, Avril continues to realize that Kazuya is very much focused on Victorique when it comes to all things. Just a simple shopping through the market has him picking out foods that will please Victorique, since as he says, getting the wrong thing will put him into a world of punishment. You can see some of the hurt in her expression of this as she continues to see a nearly insurmountable wall she has to overcome in order to get him to even look at her in a meaningful way, never mind to win him over. Avril’s persistence is definitely one of her better traits, but you do also wonder when she’d just give up and start to move on.




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