'Under the Dome': Colonel Cox is about to make an 'appearance'

"Under the Dome" has just two episodes left in its first season and executive producer Neal Baer teases for Zap2it that the military presence outside the dome is not gone for good. "We are going to answer your questions about Colonel Cox and the military in episode 12," says Baer, referring to the Sept. 9 episode. He tells us that an actor has not been cast as Cox yet, but for now, we will hear his voice. For those of you unfamiliar with that character, in the book Col. Cox is Barbie's main military contact outside the dome. He facilitates the missile strike that tries to bring the dome down and keeps in constant communication with Barbie and Julia about the happenings both inside and outside the dome. We've been wondering all season if he was going to pop up on the show.Speaking of the book, while the show has departed significantly from the events...



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